How can therapy help me? There are many benefits in participating in therapy. Therapists can provide support and help you find relief for issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, stress, and relationship problems. Counseling is extremely valuable in managing personal growth, relationships, and the many challenges faced in daily life. By applying therapy techniques, therapists can provide different perspectives on complicated problems or even guide you to a solution. 

What happens during therapy? Therapy may be different depending on the goals for therapy and the needs of the person. Typically speaking, we will discuss the things that are currently happening in your life, things that happened in the past that are relevant to your current issue, and review the gains we’ve had from the previous session. Ultimately, I want to help you bring what you’ve discovered or learnt during therapy back into your daily life. 

Medication vs. Therapy? Medication cannot solve your mental and emotional problems alone. Therapy is needed in order to address the source of your distress and behavior patterns. Check with your medical doctor and see what’s the best treatment for you. 

Will our conversations remain confidential? Confidentiality is a key component of therapy. What you discuss in a session will not be shared with anyone else. By law, your therapist can’t release this information without your written consent, except in the following situations:

  • The therapist suspects there is past or present abuse or neglect of children, adults or elders.

  • The therapist suspects the client is in danger of harming themselves or has threatened to harm another person.

My Office

My Office

How long does therapy last? Each individual and couples session is 50 minutes. I can provide double sessions for couples work. The number of sessions you attend depends on what you would like to accomplish in therapy. Therapy is usually a longer-term process in which the client builds trust with the therapist, delves into his or her issues, and experiences healing and relief. However, short-term therapy is always available.

How frequently do I need to see my therapist? Attending therapy once a week is common. If you are in a crisis, twice a week is encouraged. If you commit to once a week after 3 months you will notice some improvement.

Do you accept insurance? No. Because managed care often interferes with treatment, and some diagnoses can affect a patient's ability to obtain health insurance in the future, I do not accept insurance. I can offer a superbill after 6-8 sessions.

What are the payment options and fees? Methods of payment accepted include cash, check and credit. My rate is $185.00 per 50 minute hour. 

Parking Next to Lind building is the Yo San Community Acupuncture clinic. They offer paid parking spaces. There is 2 hour parking is available on Walgrove Ave. and 1 hour parking is available on Redwood Ave.  Please be mindful of the street cleaning days and times.  2 hour metered parking is available from 8:00am to 6:00pm on Washington Blvd. in front of the building.  It is free after 6:00pm and all day Sunday.  Parking on Zanja and Tivoli is permit only.

Can I give referrals to my friends? Yes. Therapists are bound by laws of confidentiality and cannot discuss anything about one client with another, so your privacy and your therapy are protected, as well as that of any clients you refer to me.

Do you work with couples? I welcome traditional, queer, and alternative couples who want to grow beyond frustrating relationship patterns that cause them sadness, disappointment, and anger. I work with both partners, combining current neuroscience research with time-tested couples' counseling tools so that each couple can learn to help themselves and grow together. Please understand if wanting a superbill to submit for insurance one of the people in the couple will need to be the patient with a diagnosis.