Are you looking for an innovative approach to psychotherapy?

Therapy for the whole person

Have you tried talk therapy and felt you needed more? Do you want skills to address the sensations you feel in your body when you become anxious or fearful? Perhaps you are very in tune with your body and are craving a more creative approach to therapy, one who uses imagery and dreams and art? Are you wanting to try new techniques like EMDR or walking therapy to reprocess old traumatic events. Are you wanting better relationships and need to move past the old patterns? 

Attending therapy is an act of bravery and self-care. It will help you move towards health, wellness and authenticity and improve your daily life and your relationships.



Are you feeling numb to things that once brought you joy?Have you lost interest in your life?
Are you struggling with everyday tasks?


Do worries flood your mind?
Do you feel as if something bad is about to happen?
Are you unable to concentrate?


Are painful past events still haunting you? 
Are you filled with shame and regret? 
Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward? 

Couples & Relationships

Do you have difficulty communicating with your partner?
Are you lonely within your relationship? 
Do you feel unseen or unloved?