Depression Therapy

Is Depression The Controlling Factor In Your Life?

Do you wake up dreading the thought of having to get out of bed, leave the house, and go to work? Do you often feel emotionally overwhelmed, have difficulty concentrating, or lack the motivation to engage in activities that you once enjoyed? Are you experiencing feelings of shame, self-blame, guilt, or low self-worth that are creating an isolating distance between you and those you love?

Perhaps you helplessly ruminate over bad experiences or fight to ignore a persistent thread of negative, intrusive thoughts. Or maybe, on an intuitive level, you just feel as if something is off, and you are looking for answers.

Depression has a sneaky way of creeping into every aspect of a person’s life. When at work, you may feel like hiding in a bathroom stall and crying—for seemingly no reason. Conversely, you could be lashing out in anger or frustration at home, stressing relationships and your health. Or perhaps you are sabotaging your future or personal success through fear-based procrastination and avoidance.

If the overwhelming sadness and grief have become a dominant part of your life, I can help you find hope and meaning amid the uncertainty. With my help, you can get in touch with a happier, healthier version of yourself that is more connected and engaged with the world around you. 

Depression Is A Very Common Health Concern


Scientists aren’t exactly sure what causes depression or why it has such a globally dominating presence. However, the World Health Organization estimates that over 300 million people worldwide suffer from some form of depression. And although it would make sense that certain nations that are at war or struggle economically would have a high rate of depression, the US is actually the third most depressed country in the world.

We know that extended or early exposure to neglect, abuse, toxic relationships, or trauma increase the risk of depression later in life. Similarly, the overwhelming stress of staying on top of careers, relationships, and taking care of the family can eventually lead to resignation and hopelessness. Even the caustic political and social environments in which we sometimes live can generate a sense of despair that is hard to ignore.

Unfortunately, we also live in a sort of glib world in which we are expected to fit neatly in a certain shaped box, and if we don’t conform or fit the mold, there is something wrong with us. That feeling of not belonging can quickly erode self-esteem and self-worth until it feels we are broken or flawed, making it even more difficult to reach out for help.

However, there is hope. Working with a depression therapist is the perfect way to restore meaning and direction when you feel stuck or emotionally exhausted. Together, we can work through the grief and sadness and develop a practical plan for helping you find your path to move forward.

Finding Solace In Therapy For Depression

Many individuals suffering from depression naturally find it difficult to let their guard down and confide their emotions in another. However, therapy can give you a secure place in which to let everything go, to embrace vulnerability within the confines of a space that is designed to give you strength and hold you together. I truly hope that you will find my office to be a sanctuary, a sacred space of safety where you will be met with warmth, understanding, and unconditional positive regard for your pain.

I understand that happiness and peace are concepts that often promise more than they deliver, so I always approach my clients from a very pragmatic and realistic angle. In our initial sessions, we’ll begin by taking a snapshot of your life, talking about everything from big to small—especially regarding relationships. We’ll explore ideas that you may have internalized during childhood and that could be distorting your perception of yourself or influencing the way you interact with others.

Ultimately, I want to help you get outside of yourself and stop the cycle of negative self-talk so you can be less reactive, more observational, and see the world through a different lens. It’s difficult to feel and be healthy in an unhealthy environment, but with my help, you can become more resilient, enjoy greater self-acceptance, and gain relief from depression symptoms.

The effects of depression can be as unique as the personalities of the clients I want to help. That’s why I will meet you where you are in your struggles. One of the things we will work on is regulating your emotions and nervous system so you feel less stressed, ashamed, or stuck. Once you are able to handle the overwhelm a little better, new meanings, perspectives, and opportunities will begin to reveal themselves.

As we challenge old, flawed notions of who you are, we can begin to reframe negative thoughts into something that can create positive change. I can also help you develop communication skills, self-care habits, and time management strategies that will help you feel less pressured and more at ease. My goal is to get you to a higher functioning place using a strength-based plan that allows you to develop new ways of thinking and being.


Although you may feel alone and misunderstood right now, you have the power and opportunity to improve your life. Whether you need to accept the reality of a transition, such as losing a loved one, or you want to change something in your life, I can guide you to a better place. In time, you can feel better, improve your relationships, and find sustainable relief.

I am considering therapy for depression, but I still have a few concerns…

I am afraid to talk about things rights now.

Many people who are dealing with depression are frozen in place. You may want to improve your situation more than anything, but even the prospect of forging a better life can be terrifying. I understand that when you are depressed it can be hard to show up—both physically and mentally. However, working with a therapist is an act of bravery and indicates that you have the power and desire to heal. Therapy is the perfect place to release your thoughts and emotions in an environment where you will be supported every step of the way.

I don’t know if I can make time for depression treatment.

The very fact that you feel you don’t have time to care for yourself is very telling and is likely contributing to your depression. One moment, you may be thinking that you want to be happier, and the next, you feel like it’s not worth the bother—or even worse, that you don’t deserve happiness. However, therapy is much like going to the dentist, doctor, or gym for healing or maintaining your health. With a little work, you can eliminate many of the distractions and doubts that are robbing you of precious time and opportunities for growth.

I want this to be over now! How long will depression counseling take?

I understand you want to make significant changes in your life and facing that reality can be very frightening. Although you may not achieve it all at once, you can experience an immediate sense of relief if you take a little time to invest in yourself. Therefore, if you are alienating yourself or coping in ways that are harmful, I can show you how to deal with depression in a healthy, productive manner. The ongoing client/ therapist relationship you can have presents a community of support for you that will endure for as long as you need.


Find A New Way Forward With Therapy For Depression

Fear and grief no longer have to control your life. Please call 323 539 7717 for your free 15-minute consultation to see how I may be able to help guide you to a better place.

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